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Welcome to my UPS Page 

Please read the following

Please use the links below to Calculate your shipping costs After you place your order through PayPal I will contact you with a confirmation of your order and a PayPal Request for payment for the shipping  and you will know that your order is being processed that way there will not be any SURPRISES. The only other way to handle shipping is to charge a flat rate across the board and I hate that.. there is nothing worse than paying twice the freight just to put money in someone else's Pocket this is a little more trouble but I think everyone would take an extra step to save a few bucks I know I would not to mention you will know that you are dealing with a person. Thanks Ric

If you are familiar with the UPS system click the links below If you need HELP scroll down


Both of these links will open in a new window when you are done just close that window and you will come back here
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Calculate Your Shipping

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Track Your Package


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Thanks Ric

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Step 1

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Step 3

check out this drop ship directory


EMAIL me just click the link

Please use the following information if you would like to talk to me directly Thank you Ric

Telephone: 941.587.9328

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